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Kentucky State Police Academy

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Sworn Trooper/Officer Classes

Investigations for the Patrol Unit (CVE DIVISION ONLY)


with Ron Gilbert

Calendar Dec 4, 2023 at 8 am

Special Considerations:   Currently Open to current CVE units only. Students will be required to arrive with assigned MDT, camera, audio recorder, and any issued evidence collection-related equipment.


Course Description: 

This is an intermediate course on several aspects of criminal investigation, specifically for uniformed officers.  The course will include photography, legal updates, domestic violence, child abuse and major scene response.  There will be hands on exercises during the course.


This Course is KLEC Approved for 40 Hours

KLEC #2492-22K


Full Course
Forensic Mapping with sUAS
Online Registration Unavailable

Forensic Mapping with sUAS


with Jack Hedges

Calendar Jun 10, 2024 at 8 am, runs for 1 week




Students will need to submit a memo (with approval from your Chief, Sheriff, Post Commander) which outlines the following information:

  • Agency established sUAS program
  • Student has all federal licensing (Part 107) or Certificate of Authorization (COA)
  • Agency owned sUAS
  • Agency owned forensic mapping equipment (total station or similar)
  • Memo's should be submitted (through channels) to Sergeant Jack Hedges at no later than 05/01/2024.

Students will be notified of approval for registration for the course upon review of the memo.


This course will teach the student how to operate unmanned aerial systems to document a crash and crime scenes.  The student will then take data collected in the field with a UAS and process the data with Pix4D Mapper Software and Trimble Forensics Reveal software to produce scale diagrams and analyze the data.


Each student will receive an 8-hour UAS Operator Course certificate, and a 32-hour Pix4d Mapper certificate.  This course is KLEC Credited for a total of 40-hours.


Course Prerequisite:

This is an Advanced Forensic Mapping Course.  This course requires a heavy use of computer and software equipment.  Students requesting to attend the course should be familiar with the use of forensic mapping equipment, software, and basic UAS operations.


Each student shall have received training from a KLEC Certified Academy on the use of forensic mapping equipment (total station or similar).  The training certificate is required to be submitted with the memo (through channels).  Agencies shall be required to have their own forensic mapping equipment for the course.



KSP - Available at KSP Headquarters on a first-come, first-serve bases.  Contact Sonia Way to reserve a room email:

Local Agencies - local hotels are available at government rates.



Provided, free of charge by KSP Academy.


Required Equipment:

  • Unmanned Aerial System
    • Remote Controller
    • Tablet
    • Charged batteries
    • Firmware/applications updated
  • MDT or Alienware Computer
    • Plug Charger
    • 2-button mouse with scroll wheel
    • 32GB USB Thumb Drive
    • All students are required to have their own computer with Pix4D Mapper Software (apply for a temporary license no sooner than 5-Days in advance of the class.  Do not plan to share a computer with a buddy)
  • Applications on your Tablet or Smart Phone:
    • B4UFly
    • Aloft (formerly Kittyhawk)
    • Pix4D Capture
    • Appropriate UAS Controller App (DJIGo4, DJI Pilot, etc.)
  • Ground Control Targets (if issued)
  • Total Station Equipment



In-service appropriate attire.  If open-carrying, please wear badge visibly.



Please park in the lower lot (in-service / visitor parking).


Point of Contact:


KLEC Course # 2383-23K - sUAS Operations for Law Enforcement

KLEC Course # 2522-23K - Forensic Mapping with sUAS

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